I HAVE a bit of déjà vu here. Luke Marshall reprising his triumph from Broadway to the Guildhall! Where to next?

This CATS show was loud, enthusiastic, colourful and, in parts, highly eccentric.

The singing was very good and well amplified. Lisa Bicknell has an expression and poignancy in her performance that is mature and very engaging. She also had a lot to do – she was the only narrator.

Inviting children from Tatworth school, who clearly enjoyed every minute, was inspired. The chorus were highly entertaining and all individually made their mark.

Viv Cumming gave a greater range of facial expression in one show than Sir Larry did his entire career, while great interaction and energy came from Jenny Kenton, Mandy Cameron-Taylor and Beckie Orchard.

Luke Marshall’s stage presence and singing continues to develop – I have heard less capable performers in professional musical theatre singers. Could be a new career here.

Lorraine Marshall’s direction was slick. Again the small stage was well compensated for with imaginative choreography and effective blocks.

What I like about this group is that the adult cast are not afraid to be uninhibited and have fun, which gives excellent role models for the younger cast.

On final night the cast received a well-deserved standing ovation. On the final bow they gave one another happy, sidelong glances, showing the love and enjoyment of what they had just achieved.