VISITORS to Ilminster Arts Centre can expect Double Vision this week – as the latest exhibition goes on show.

Two artists Barbara Whiteley and Felicity Brichieri-Colombi are showing their work together for the first time at the East Street venue from Monday, July 23, to Saturday, August 18.

Felicity’s paintings are strong and geometric in style with a real understanding of colour, while Barbara (known for her intricate 3D still-lifes of natural objects) will be exhibiting some vibrant paintings.

Barbara is strongly influenced by artist Georgia O’Keeffe, finishing her art degree in 2009 with a final thesis on the iconic artist. Her research took her all the way to New Mexico, where she spent three weeks walking in the footsteps of the artist, who from 1929, spent many summers painting there and capturing the sense of place.

Barbara said: “Like Georgia O’Keeffe, I want to fill a space in a beautiful way, whether it be through painting, photography or 3D work. Texture, form and colour play a big part.”

Felicity was born in England and now lives in East Devon. She painted from a very early age but was initially steered away from art as a career.

Instead she studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London and later in Germany, before working for many years as a freelance violinist and as a duo with her pianist sister.

After the death of her husband, who was also partly Italian, she returned to her first love, which was painting. Nowadays she paints mainly in oils and her evolving style looks at the planes and facets of her subject, veering towards abstraction but always with a starting point of reality.

FOR more information on the Double Vision exhibition contact 01460-55783 or go to the Ilminster Arts Centre website .