PUBLIC speaker and fundraiser Linda Vijeh was the special guest at a meeting of the Clark’s Pensioner’s Forum at Ilminster Bowling Club.

Linda, never short of something to talk about, gave a presentation with the recent Remembrance Sunday and forthcoming Christmas celebrations in mind.

She spoke on the Christmas Truce during the First World War when hostilities between British and German troops in the trenches ceased for a short spell on Christmas Day and they played a game of football.

“Given the way modern warfare is conducted, such a miraculous thing is never likely to happen again,” said Linda.

“We very rarely meet our enemies up close and personal these days in the way they did then with opposing trenches often only yards apart.”

Also up for discussion was the memory of Christmas celebrations during the Second World War when rationing was in force.

Linda donated her speaker’s fee to Chard Museum.

Forum members were told there are growing concerns that the group may fold in the New Year with nobody wanting to take on the roles of treasurer and secretary.