COUNCILLORS have decided the dilapidated football stand at Ilminster Recreation Ground needs to be removed once and for all.

Demolition work of the aged stand has already started but it has not been completed and it is becoming a major health and safety worry for the Ilminster Town Council and the football club.

There have been lengthy negotiations about who was responsible for the stand and who was going to fork out the cash to have the work done.

But councillors decided last week enough was enough and they would take on the role of getting the job sorted – although they would want the proceeds of the scrap metal.

The Mayor, Cllr Roger Swann, said the stand was a “monstrosity” during last week’s full council meeting and said the work had to be done as soon as possible.

Town clerk Joy Norris added: “It is a significant health and safety issue – there are all sorts of problems down there.”

And Cllr John Pallister said enough time had been spent on talking about it and it was now time to sort it out.

“Let’s drop the guillotine and get the thing done,” he said.

Councillors were told there would be a quantity of scrap metal with a value which could help to offset the cost of total demolition.

But Cllr Linda Vijeh suggested that, with scrap metal thefts on the increase, the work could actually be taken out of their hands.

She said: “If we publicise the fact the stand has got some valuable scrap metal – it could be gone by Sunday.”

The football club has long since spoken of its fears over the stand with it becoming a popular ‘hang-out’ for youngsters.

Although the council has said it will take on the responsibility of the stand’s removal, councillors have said that they need to get full details of who owns what at the club in order to save a lot of time on similar situations in the future.