A TOWN in South Somerset is considering cutting down its use of plastic bags – and environmental campaigners hope others may follow.

Transition Langport has introduced a plastic bag recycling point at the Tesco supermarket in the town in a bid to curb the number of plastic bags being put to waste.

A survey the group ran showed 131 out of 150 shoppers in Langport wanted to get rid of plastic bags altogether.

Cara Naden, of Transition Langport, said she hoped the town could follow the success of Modbury in Devon in becoming Somerset’s first plastic-bag free town.

She added: “The good news is we can do something about it by saying no to plastic bags. We accept that national retailers will be more resistant to change but we will still bring it to their attention.”

The shoppers’ poll also found that 78% of those questioned tried their best to carry a reusable bag when out shopping.

Latest nationwide figures show English shoppers took home 7.5% more plastic bags in 2011 than in 2010 while UK supermarkets alone dished out eight billion plastic bags in 2011, about 250 bags a second.

The Republic of Ireland government introduced a 9p charge in 2002, the Welsh Assembly introduced a 5p charge in 2011, while Italy banned plastic bags altogether in 2011.