ALTHOUGH we are yet to get our first severe weather warnings from the Met Office of snow and icy conditions, South Somerset District Council in partnership with Yeovil Town Council and Somerset County Council are preparing to respond to severe weather conditions if they occur.

Drawing on previous year’s experiences, Yeovil Town Council will be implementing the use of the snowblade, organised and operated by SSDC staff, to effectively clear areas that have been submerged in snow.

This £4,500 investment will once again enable Yeovil Town Centre to be kept open and reduce the impacts of the fallen snow on the ground.

Traders of the local area will be reminded of the adverse weather arrangements, and also about the effective use of their snow shovels that were loaned to them as part of the district council’s initiative to reduce the risk of closures or incidents.

Yeovil hosts 40 grit bins that are strategically placed around the town. These will be filled by Somerset County Council and requests to replenish should be made to Somerset County Council on 0845-3459166.

The highway gritting routes and location of the bins can be found on the Yeovil Town Council website, alongside any updates to local waste and recycling collections from Somerset Waste Partnership.

Councillor Tony Fife, Area South chairman, said: "By implementing the snowblade and investing in such equipment during extreme weather, we can help to ensure that shops stay open for business in Yeovil Town Centre which will benefit the community and shop owners.

"It follows the same procedure we used last year which made Yeovil a safer place for shoppers and traders."