POLICE are reminding motorists not to leave valuables in their vehicles following the theft of a handbag and bank cards from a car in Ham Hill, near Yeovil.

A thief smashed the window and took the bag sometime between 8-9.10am on Monday, March 17.

The bank cards were subsequently used in the Langport area later that morning.

Yeovil PC Jim Card said: “Leaving personal items in a vehicle, even for a short period of time, is an open invitation to an opportunist thief.

"Valuables like bags, satnavs, mobile phones or tablet computer should always be put out of sight or, preferably, taken with you. Even a coat on a back seat can be a temptation.”

They are also asking homeowners to tighten up on basic security measures, following a burglary at a house in Cromwell Road in Yeovil where a Lenovo laptop was stolen.

PC Card said: “It’s a good idea never to leave items like computers, or wallets and purses, in view of anyone who may be looking to break in to your home. Always close windows when you’re out, and don’t leave keys in your locked doors on the inside of your house.”