PEOPLE in Ilminster will head to the polls later this month to vote for another member to join the town council.

The vacancy arose after Cllr Linda Vijeh stepped down. She continues to represent the town on Somerset County Council.

Rose Neave, of Townsend, Caroline Page, of Orchard Vale, Paul Sainsbury, of Heron Way, and Kim Turner, of Orchard Vale, will stand in the by-election, which is due to take place on Thursday, July 31.

The News contacted all the candidates to give them a chance to write 200 words on why they think you should vote for them.

Here are the replies from two of them – the News will run profiles on Caroline Page and Paul Sainsbury in next week’s paper if they wish to contact us.


Yeovil Express: Cllr Kim Turner, chairman of South Somerset District Council's Area West committee


KIM is married with one son, and has lived in and around Ilminster all her life.

Currently she is a district councillor for Ilminster having previously been county councillor when she worked very hard to save Ilminster Library from closure.

Having also served on the town council for several years, she was instrumental in getting the skate park up and running for the youngsters.

She is currently involved with Isle Youth Club and Community Centre, South Somerset Disability Forum, and Partners and Communities Together.

If the opportunity arises for her to represent the residents on the town council, she promise to listen to their concerns and will endeavour to do her best to keep Ilminster a vibrant and special place for all.

Yeovil Express:


ROSE said: “I am 28 and have lived in Ilminster my whole life – at least as long as I can remember – and anyone who knows me, probably knows that I am horse mad.

“My first ‘proper’ job was at the Crown pub before I headed off to university to study law.

“I am currently doing a part-time Masters in Rural Estate and Land Management – the first step in becoming a surveyor – something which I believe helps me have a better understanding of the consequences of our development and growth strategies in Ilminster.

“I will be a voice to those who feel that the town council doesn’t listen to them and perhaps a breath of fresh air from a younger generation.

“I am against the development in Shudrick Valley - because how can we build a ‘walking neighbourhood’ with a wider road for ‘heavy goods vehicles’? I am not convinced the two mix. Nor do I believe we want more traffic past the Recreation Ground, the doctors or all the way along Canal Way.

“Ilminster floods more than it used to - something that needs addressing.

“I stand for more provision for the disabled and less fortunate.”