Chilton Cantelo School pupils celebrated their GCSE results with 80% of pupils achieving A* to C grades.


Pupils at the boarding school near Yeovil achieved an overall 98% pass rate.


Biology and Physics pupils achieved 100% pass rate, including 93% gaining A* to B grades.


A quarter of pupils achieved an A* in Spanish and French.


Fintan Munnery achieved A*s and one A grade, whilst Harrison Topps achieved six A* grades and three As. George Anderson achieved five A*s and three A grades.


Headmistress, Verity White, said:  “I am proud of these results and pay tribute to the hard work and dedication of our pupils and staff. 


“Chilton Cantelo provides a learning environment that suits children of all academic abilities and each child’s set of results is a very personal achievement. 


“We are known for our individualised approach to learning and I believe this is evidence of how well we teach and encourage learning here.  I look forward to taking pupils into our Sixth Form to see them continue their good work there.”