THE story of star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet is the most famous in the world - and now a rock and roll version is coming to the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil.

The classic love story been retold in countless ways since William Shakespeare first put his play on stage some 400 years ago.

But never has it been told in the same fun-filled, rock and roll way which Shakespeare 4 Kidz promise.

You can see it – and a fabulous version of The Tempest – when Shakespeare 4 Kidz rocks into Yeovil’s Octagon Theatre in April.

S4K is an award-winning British theatre company which specialises in exciting, inventive adaptations of classic Shakespeare stories.

It blends the most famous bits of original text with modern language, music, song and dance to create magical plays which are easy to understand.

They are designed to be entertaining as well as educational, meaning that children as young as eight can enjoy them.

And adults who have been put off Shakespeare because they remember boring lessons at school will find S4K’s works shake up Shakespeare, find all the fun in them and tell the tales clearly and concisely.

In the S4K version of Romeo and Juliet all the original ingredients are retained.

The Montagues and the Capulets are proud Italian families – but great enemies.

One night Romeo Montague and his friends decide to gatecrash the Capulet ball and that is where the couple fall head over heels in love.

From then on it’s a roller-caster ride. Juliet’s parents plan an arranged marriage for her to Count Paris as they don’t know that she has secretly married Romeo, the rival gangs turn to violence in the streets, two young men die and Romeo is banished.

Juliet and Friar Lawrence hatch a dare-devil plan involving a dangerous potion.

In a desperate race against time and fate, can Romeo make it back to his bride’s side before it is too late?

Love and hate, laughter and tears, politics and religion, power and passion – S4K’s Romeo and Juliet has got them all – and in a way everyone can understand and relate to.

The show makes a perfect introduction to the play for people of all ages and a solid base for anyone wanting to go on to study it in greater depth.

There are performances at the Octagon Theatre on Thursday, April 2, at 1.30pm and at 7.30pm.

And the next day S4K are on stage with The Tempest. This is thought by many scholars to be the last play entirely written by Shakespeare.

Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, has been overthrown by his wicked brother and, after a shipwreck, ended up with his beautiful daughter Miranda on an enchanted Mediterranean island.

Prospero is also a sorcerer and has spent his time on the island perfecting his magical arts. Eventually it is pay-back time and he gets the chance to wreak revenge on his brother.

He conjures up a powerful tempest which shipwrecks his enemies and lands them on the shores of the island. But it’s a magical place and love is in the air!

Shakespeare 4 Kidz version of The Tempest introduces its audiences to a brave new world where they will find “such stuff as dreams are made on” and meet Prospero, Miranda, Ariel the spirit, Caliban the deformed slave, Trinculo and crazy jester and a whole lot more colourful characters.

Performances of The Tempest are at 10am and 1.30pm on Friday, April 3.

Telephone the Octagon box office on 01935-422884 or alternatively click-on the link in our "related articles" section which will take you through to the Octagon Theatre's website.