MORE sightings of UFOs have been reported following the story in the News last week about unknown lights being spotted over Crewkerne.

Derek Prior, of Dening Close in Chard, wrote in to describe the lights he had seen on the previous night.

“I just happened to look out of my window at 9.45pm and saw this red ball moving very slowly and gradually disappearing high into the clouds,” said Mr Prior.

“It was probably up there for some time but I only saw it for a quarter of an hour.”

“I too would like to know if anyone can come up with an answer.”

Three more witnesses spotted the same lights as Mr Anderton and his friends last Saturday.

Chris White and his family, of Parcroft Gardens in Yeovil were travelling back from Taunton.

“My wife, daughter and I also saw the same lights on Saturday at approximately 9.30pm as we returned home to Yeovil from Taunton,” said Mr White.

“We saw two orange lights in the distance about a mile apart and on the same sort of heading as reported.

“We also noted there was no usual aircraft sound and they were definitely not a/c nav lights.

“We spotted them as we got out of our car on our arrival home - weird!”

Two other sightings have also been reported on our website, to find out more or to report your own sightings, go to the comments section below.