YEOVIL Town Council is seeking the public’s help to find the person responsible for causing thousands of pounds of criminal damage to the War Memorial in the town centre.

The incident, which took place in the early hours of July 9, was captured on the town centre's CCTV system and involved a man climbing up the War Memorial. As a result, substantial damage was caused to one of the monument’s stone pillars.

Further details, including images of the person whom the police are seeking to help with their enquiries, have been uploaded on the Crimestoppers website, and may be viewed by clicking on the link in our "related articles" section.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Crimestoppers by ringing Freephone 0800 555 111.

Cllr Tony Lock, chairman of the council's buildings and civic matters committee, said: "I'm disgusted by this irresponsible attack.

"The monument was put there to help us remember those who have given their lives, and it's upsetting to think that someone could disrespect and damage it.”

And he added: “There must be someone out there that knows who did it and we would urge them to come forward and help us catch the person responsible.”

Two years ago, the monument suffered a similar attack and, following a public appeal for help, the culprit was identified and successfully prosecuted.

Arrangements are being made by the town council for the monument to be repaired ahead of Remembrance Sunday in November.

In line with the council’s policy on vandalism, every effort will be made to recover the costs involved from the person responsible for the damage – to avoid the costs falling on local council taxpayers.