A MARATHON walk in memory of a five-week-old baby who died from a neurological disorder takes place this weekend at Ilminster Recreation Ground.

Town councillor Sian Sainsbury is leading a family team on the 26-mile walk around the park for her late niece, Tilly Grace Beaumont, on Saturday, September 1. Tilly died peacefully at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, London, on Tuesday, April 24.

Despite the family’s grief, they have all pulled together to raise money for the hospital, a leading national centre for specialist care, including neurology, cardiac care and cancer, to thank them for their care.

Tilly’s mum, Kate, hopes to run the London Marathon to raise £2,000 for the hospital in 2013.

Saturday’s marathon equivalent in Ilminster, entitled Tilly’s Toddle, is a team relay marathon for family and friends, from young to not so young, who are supporting Kate with her preparation and fundraising.

Sian said: “The youngest being pushed is just a month old, and I’ll decline to say how old the oldest person is, but it’s a considerable age.

“There will be 20 miles covered by different people and some are doubling up.”

Tilly’s grandad, Jim Sainsbury, said: “Kate has had to guarantee £2,000 to St George’s to get an entry to London Marathon for 2013.

“We’re hoping to raise a bit of awareness and hopefully when she does the marathon we can raise a bit more.”

Jim’s wife, Chris, is hoping to compile a cookery book to raise more funds.

People are encouraged to sponsor the team via a JustGiving page – to make a donation, go to www.justgiving.com/remember/30459/Tilly%20Grace-Beaumont