FERNE Animal Sanctuary near Chard is looking to re-home two Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Three-year-olds Shadow and Bell need owners.

The charity has thanked the community for putting up 12 of the 15 cockerels dumped on its doorstep earlier this month after an appeal in the News.

Animal manager Naomi Clarke said: “Thanks to everyone for their help - we still have three to go and if anyone can find them a home it would be great.”

It has also launched a new website designed by volunteer Dave Bolsover and is preparing to open two shops in High Street, Bridport, and Crown Walk, Taunton in the next three weeks.

Head of fundraising and marketing Kevin Douglas added: “The site is more user friendly, fully interactive and we have an e-commerce shop so people can buy gifts. There was a large amount of work getting it up and running we'd like to thank Dave, who has helped us out over the summer.”

Meanwhile the sanctuary is delighted with visitor numbers this summer, despite the unpredictable weather .

Kevin said: “The restaurant has been busy this summer and we have had lots of visitors - so we'd like to say thankyou for all the support of local people.”

IF you can help re-home Shadow and Bell, or the three cockerels or would like to support Ferne Animal Sanctuary in any other way call 01460-65214 or go to www.ferneanimalsanctuary.org .