I AM not a voter (because I believe all votes should count; as in a ‘transferable voting system’); although I was able to vote to leave Europe in the Referendum.

Now, I sense that the vultures are circling over Mrs May: those in her own party are only kept at bay because of the thought of the mess which might result from a leadership challenge, including the slight possibility that Jeremy Corbyn might be able to govern, with the aid of Sinn Fein.

Meanwhile, those who are still unable to accept the will of the voting members of the British population (including many Tory MPs) are seeking, by stealth, to reverse the decision taken in 2016.

There is one answer to Mrs May’s problems: and for it I am indebted to Melanie Phillips. 

Mrs May needs to ask Nigel Farage whether he would accept elevation to the House of Lords, and a post on the UK’s negotiating team with the EU.

That would tell the EU negotiators, her own party assassins, and the anti-democrats in the Labour and Liberal Parties, and elsewhere that, far from being weakened, the UK is now even more strongly for Brexit. 

That would be in the national interest of the United Kingdom.