A SOMERSET man has been jailed after assaulting his girlfriend - just two weeks after being handed a suspended sentence for attacking a previous girlfriend.

Oliver Bowman, 23, of Jubilee Road, Weston-Super-Mare, appeared before Taunton Crown Court on Friday, June 16 and when sentencing, Judge David Ticehurst did not mince his words.

Defending Harry Ahuja explained that following the previous conviction at Taunton Crown Court, Bowman has 'turned to drink' and it was while he was inebriated this second assault took place with his new girlfriend.

Although he stopped the assault 'of his own accord', Bowman had to be handcuffed and pepper-sprayed when the police came to arrest him.

Judge Ticehurst said: "So he gets a suspended sentence and turns to drink? It just gets worse and worse Mr Ahuja."

Mr Ahuja said Bowman had stable accommodation and looked after his ill father.

Mr Ahuja added that Bowman was remorseful for what he had done and his main motivation in life was to be in a good enough place that he would be allowed to see his daughter again.

Judge Ticehurst responded: "Well, he is hardly a good role model is he? The way he responds to being unhappy is to attack his partners."

Judge Ticehurst said there was some confusion over Bowman disclosing a relationship to the probation service, and Mr Ahuja explained that at the time of the offence Bowman had only been on 'three dates' with the victim and that it was 'developing into a relationship'.

"So this is how he treats women?" Judge Ticehurst retorted. "Third date - common assault, fourth date -ABH, sixth date - murder?

"Given the speed with which this offence was committed after the previous sentencing I feel I have no choice but to activate the suspended sentence," he said.

Judge Ticehurst activated the previous sentence of 12 months for common assault, and also handed Bowman concurrent sentences of one month for the latest assault and two weeks for the obstruction of a police officer in carrying out his duties.

"Carry on like this and I have no doubt you will be given longer and longer sentences," he said.