YEOVIL B travelled down to fellow strugglers Dawlish looking to kick start their season but ultimately were found wanting.

The game was a very even affair, well-umpired in the first half, and defences largely dominated.

Dawlish received a yellow card as Paul Guest had his legs taken from under him by a shin high sweeping tackle but YSHC were unable to take advantage of their numerical supremacy despite a few short corners.

Wayne Powell made a brave, excellent close range save at a Dawlish short corner to keep the score at 0-0 at half-time.

Yeovil talked about moving the ball earlier and more decisively but failed to actually do this for most of the second half and it was this lack of team cohesion that restricted their attacking effectiveness.

With too much running with the ball, a few tired legs became evident and Dawlish took advantage with a well taken strike from the top of the D.

Yeovil & Sherborne responded and put some good passages together but were unable to provide the finish required, and, as they chased the game it gave the hosts the opportunity to score a second, soft, goal.

The game descended into farce as firstly Dave Betts was carded for not retreating and then Keith Tridgell joined him for questioning the decision. A very disappointing outcome but, despite their determination, YSHC were not good enough up to open Dawlish up.