THE'VE played Carnegie Hall in New York and The Grand Ole Oprey in Nashville.

Now, America's premier classical-crossover string and vocal band is heading to Taunton.

This group of six siblings (yes, the Von Trapp resemblance does get mentioned a lot) are on a mission to play their unique style of music at all kinds of locations and to all kinds of audiences.

From New York's premier venue to West Country towns, from Christmas albums to an amazing new interpretation of Rhapsody in Blue, the Annie Moses Band appeals to a variety of audiences.

The AMB is known for its virtuosic string playing, eclectic vocals and stylistically diverse arrangements. Their music includes classical, Americana, progressive folk, and jazz influences.

They took their name from their great-grandmother who worked as a hired hand in the cotton fields of Texas.

Alongside Annie on lead violin is Alex who plays the viola, followed by Benjamin on cello, Camille harp and piano, Gretchen, mandolin and violin and finally, Jeremiah on banjo and guitar.

Annie, Alex and Benjamin all studied at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York.

In 2002, the Annie Moses Band was formed and ever since they have played around 200 concerts a year and are looking forward to visiting Taunton.

"We don't know what to expect but we are really excited," adds Alex.

The band will feature a variety of music including their latest album, Rhapsody in Bluegrass which gives a new take on Gershwin's music which has delighted critics including the Wall Street Journal.

The Annie Moses Band at Taunton Baptist Church, Saturday November 14. Tickets £5. Tel: 01823 333196