CREATIVITY flows through the latest exhibition at the Ilminster Arts Centre, which showcases a group of West Country artists who work in a range of media, including stone carving, woodworking, textiles, watercolours, photography and oils.

The subject matter and styles could not be more varied too, making this a rewarding exhibition for the visitor.

The participants include Devon based artist Robert Crisp, whose meticulous oil paintings explore man-made urban landscapes such as London and Venice to quaint villages and harbours.

Patrice Hamilton is a Somerset artist who works mainly in pastels, which she says are unlike any other medium, “the results are much more vibrant”.

Keen ornithologist David Crompton works in watercolour and pencil, taking inspiration from wildlife and ‘found objects’ discovered on the beach and in the countryside.

Watercolour is also Pat Board’s medium; determined to prove that watercolours are not ‘wishy washy’, Pat enjoys painting the wild landscapes of the West Country.

Brian Hutchings is a prizewinning photographer with a particular interest in capturing the changing light of the Somerset Levels.

The exhibition line up includes husband and wife artists Annie and Mike Lanigan.

Annie’s enigmatic abstract watercolours are created by dripping colours in layers; it’s a process she loves, “although it is challenging - and frustrating at times.”

Sculpting is Mike's passion, as he explains, "Carving stone by hand is so absorbing.

Every piece of stone has its own characteristics, including fossils, and pockets of prehistoric air.”

Don Storey is a Glastonbury-based furniture maker who is inspired by the Arts & Crafts style, as well as Scandinavian and Japanese design.

His work uses traditional techniques and native Somerset hardwoods and ranges from large bespoke furniture to smaller items for the home such as chopping boards.

Textile artist Val Webberley meanwhile works in anything from silks to sacking, taking inspiration from real or imaginary buildings, gardens, landscapes and fabric making. “My adage is ‘try anything once’” she says.

This rich and varied exhibition starts on February 27 and runs until March 25.