FESTIVAL favourites The Peatbog Faeries are preparing for Glastonbury next weekend with a warm-up gig at The David Hall in South Petherton.

Based on the Isle of Skye, the band has become one of Scotland’s best-known names in contemporary folk music.

Their uncanny ability to work the crowd into a dancing frenzy has won them fans around the world, from Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

In 2005 they won Best Live Act at the Scottish Trad Music Awards and were nominated for the same category last year.

The Faeries’ music embodies a range of different genres, including rock, jazz, electronica, and folk, but their main influence comes from traditional Celtic music.

Their unique sound is created through a mix of programmed effects and traditional Celtic arrangements, played on bagpipes, fiddles, and whistles.

The concert starts at 8pm on Friday, June 26, and tickets cost £14.

For details call 01460-240340 or follow the link below.