A DONYATT business is currently in the running to win an award from business mogul and multi-billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

DIALaBRAIN, which was founded by Rupert Connelly, is currently in the top two per cent of businesses for the impact award, sitting at 23 out of around 1,600 entrants.

The company, which was founded in 2013, has more than 2,000 people signed up at the moment.

People can use the site to make video calls to experts across a range of fields, including finance, law and medicine.

From the expert’s point-of-view, they are given a button which people can click on to book a video call or to start one, with the button useable on social media pages and the expert’s own websites.

Talking about the company, Mr Connelly said: “There is a video on the site where we show you exactly what to do in 90 seconds.

“You can have up to 16 people on here at any one time.

“You can record sessions and then when you end the recording it saves as a file that you can then send to people.

“You can share files.

“What this tool is designed to do is allow any business anywhere to share their experts.”

Mr Connelly said his neighbour, Dan Medley, runs Wookey Hole and that he has been using it as once a month, Dan used to travel to London for financial meetings, costing him hundreds of pounds.

Now, with DIALaBRAIN, Dan is able to contact his financial advisor from home for only the cost of the consultant’s time.

“The idea is to help any small businesses to get the advice they need anywhere in the world,”Mr Connelly said.

“Professional women on maternity leave can now operate from home, disabled people can work from home if they need to, and people out in the sticks can have business meetings much easier.

“It was an American fellow who rang me up and said ‘Richard Branson is doing this and you should apply for it’.

“I only found out about it two or three days before the deadline.

“We are near the top one per cent at the moment.

“The impact award is what we are going for, because we are saving the planet by people not having to travel, such as making round trips to London once a month.

“The promotion has been fantastic.

“We were getting about five new visitors a day as we are still just starting out. Now we are getting 222.”

Registration for Mr Connelly’s company is free, and then he takes five per cent of any fees paid to consultants used through the website, and a 14 per cent finder’s fee if contacts are put together through DIALaBRAIN.

For more information about DIALaBRAIN, go to www.dialabrain.com, and to vote for the Donyatt-based business in the competiton, go to www.vmbvoom.com/pitches/dialabrain.