THE Yeovil Beat Team has been out in the town centre tackling bad driving after reports of vehicles regularly contravening traffic regulations.

Following several reports of cars driving down restricted roads, officers took a day of action and patrolled the streets last Wednesday (September 21).

More than 80 drivers were stopped having contravened No Entry signs on Henford Street, Princes Street and High Street.

The drivers were given words of advice and some education on the possible impact of their actions.

PC Claire Leonard said: “Bad driving in the town centre has been a real concern for local people.

"That is why we took positive steps to help encourage people to pay attention to the signs and the restrictions.

"On this occasion we took the opportunity to educate drivers, however contravening the signs can incur a significant penalty.

“We will continue to work in the area to tackle the problem.”

The signs state the areas are pedestrian zones with some exceptions for loading, buses, taxis and blue badge holders.

Police also took the opportunity to talk to members of the community, businesses and security staff in the area about the issues concerning them, as well as making welfare checks.