CRIME in Yeovil town centre has reduced by 11 per cent this year. 

A clampdown on daytime undesirables is said to be having a positive effect and contributed to an 11 per cent crime reduction in Yeovil Central to July 2016.

This follows the last full year’s 10 per cent reduction.

Police, Yeovil Town Council, South Somerset District Council, traders through Yeovil Crime Reduction Team and many other agencies have mounted a multi-pronged attack on crime and the causes of crime in the town centre by voluntarily working together as One Team.

Increased surveillance and more Police on the streets have seen the use of CCTV, in the same period, increase by over 20 per cent.

This and improved co-ordination of the Radio Link scheme has enabled early intervention and the use of enforcement tools to reduce offending making Yeovil a better environment.

Street Pastors have been working with people enjoying the night time facilities helping to reduce incidents and improve welfare for late night revellers.

Improved use of the alcohol restriction zone banning pavement drinking has seen police confiscate much more alcohol from trouble makers.

Councillor Tony Lock, chairman of the Yeovil One Team said: "There has been a vast improvement in the last two years; an increase in numbers of policing and visibility on the streets, a radio system that is working well, the alcohol restriction zone and improved CCTV have all made a safer and more relaxing night and day time environment."

Inspector Neil Dillon said: “The message to those taking part in crime, anti-social behaviour, or disorder is that their activities will not be tolerated”.

Gareth Williams from Yeovil Crime Reduction Team said: “These are good results and reflect the amount of additional work my members are doing in the town to make it safe and protect peoples welfare.

"We are looking forward to the busy season ahead and the challenges and opportunities this presents.”