CARS from a Bury classic car restoration company have featured in a BAFTA award winning short film.

A number of vintage Ford's and a V.W. campervan from RO Performance and Restoration in Peel Industrial Estate, Bury, starred in Cowboy Dave — which scooped the award for best short film at the 71st British Academy Film Awards on February 18.

Written and directed by Manchester-born Colin O'Toole, and set in the city's suburbs in 1991, the semi-autobiographical Cowboy Dave tells the story of a encounter between a 12-year-boy and down on his luck musician Dave Rowbotham.

The film also features music from Mancunian post punk band The Mothmen for whom Mr Rowbotham played guitar in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

RO Performance and Restoration supplied a Ford Corsair, Ford Capri, two Ford Cortinas and a V.W. from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, as well as helping out with transportation for the film and driving the cars during shooting.

Rob Ottewill, aged 33, owner of RO Performance and Restoration, said: "The filming was good fun, we really enjoyed it and it was a new experience for us.

"It wasn't something I had done before so when the opportunity came up I jumped on it straight away."

Established three years ago by Mr Ottewill, RO Performance specialises in the restoration of classic cars, especially Fords.

The firm became involved in the film after replying to an advert on Facebook from the producers, asking for period Ford cars.

Crew from the film then travelled to Bury to see the cars and were so impressed with what they saw they hired RO Performance to provide all the film's cars.

Cowboy Dave writer and director Colin O'Toole said: "Rob brought several cars down, they were in mint condition and it just made the film, giving it character.

"Rob and the cars were invaluable really, and I love the guy.

"The film couldn't have gone any better for its category and Rob's a very big part of that.

"There's no one else who could have done it.

"I have got a lot of gratitude for the guys at RO Performance."

Mr Ottewill, who lives in Bury with his wife and son, added: "We went to the launch of the film in Manchester at the back end of last year and then we got an email from Colin saying the film had been nominated for the award.

"We were all pleased that it had a nomination, so now that it has actually won that's just a bonus."