TWO of Chard’s carnival crash heroes have paid tribute to the ‘bravest woman they ever met’ after picking up awards.

Mick Clark and Anna Smith have been given outstanding service awards following the shocking carnival accident, in which a road crew member became trapped under a cart.

When tragedy struck, the pair rushed to the victim, Theresa Finn.

The awards were presented by the mayor of Chard, Cllr Garry Shortland.

He said: “October 14, 2017, the evening of Chard Carnival, was to change people’s lives.

“We all know the events of that night. As a town we are grateful to the people who saw to Theresa. On that night, two special people were involved in the carnival.

“The first is Mick Clark, who was marshalling, and had no hesitation going to Theresa who was under the float.

“After she had been rescued, he stayed and spent time with others who had witnessed the incident.”

Theresa, Mick and Anna were all in attendance for the award-giving.

Mick said: “This is overwhelming. I am tremendously grateful.

“I would like to pay tribute to the people of Chard, the emergency services, the carnival committee, the community first responders who volunteer their personal time, and to the bravest woman I have ever met.

“It is a tremendous pleasure to have such a friend in my life.”

The second person to collect an award for their help on carnival night was Anna Smith, a volunteer for the Chard First Responders.

Cllr Shortland added: “At the end of the carnival she was waiting for the crowd to clear when she heard.

“She ran to the incident and immediately contacted a paramedic and an emergency care assistant who lived in Chard and would be close by.

“With the ambulance coming from much further away, if Anna wasn’t there… well, we are are all very grateful.”

Anna first thanked her three sons and emergency services, and said: “It was a difficult night. We were there raising money for the first responders.

“Thank you to Mick who was fantastic. If he wasn’t there giving support to Theresa I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did.

“It was an absolute honour to help her. It is what I volunteer to do and we have an amazing group of people in Chard. I am very honoured to get this award.”

Theresa Finn spoke to the News to thank the pair.

She said: “I could not have done it without them. I couldn’t have survived without their support.”