A CHARD girl who hasn’t had a hair cut in nearly five years is set to finally face the chop for charity.

Liliwen, seven, has refused haircuts since she was aged just two after her older brother Joey took the scissors to her beloved locks.

That experience as a toddler left Liliwen scared to have another trim until now, when she will have 12 inches cut off for The Little Princess Trust.

As well as donating her hair, the Redstart pupil is also collecting donations through a JustGiving page.

Rhiannon Jones-Tovey, Liliwen’s mum, said: “Liliwen has decided to cut her long hair to help for Little Princess Trust because Liliwen wants to help other children.

“Liliwen has been growing her hair since 2013. She also likes growing it out like Rapunzel.

“There has been a family illness due to cancer and it made Liliwen realise that she could make a difference.”

Initially, Liliwen had reservations about getting her hair cut, but is now just excited.

Rhiannon added: “I had said to her previously about maybe donating her hair.

“She wasn’t sure at first, but she has now said that she really wants to.

“She is really excited.

“She has raised about £120 already, and that is just after her first week of fundraising.

“Now she has made the decision, she isn’t nervous, she is just excited.

“She knows it is going to a good cause and she keeps telling her friends and family about it.”

The haircut is set to take place on May 25 at Simply Hair and Beauty in Chard.

Donna Randell-Eyre, owner of the Holyrood Street hairdressers, said: “Sadie has the pleasure of being the one who will cut Liliwen’s hair.

“We have done some charity cuts. I did Claire Coulson from the Green Dragon last year, and Lauren did Annie Toms in the salon for the Little Princess Trust.”

To donate, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/rhiannon-jones-tovey1.

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