AN INTERNATIONAL film award has finally made it home to Ilminster for its unveiling.

South Somerset charity Purple Field Productions scooped a top prize at the Picture This... Film Festival, an international disability film festival.

The Dodie Spittal award was given to the Ilminster-based group for their production Lisilojulikana (The Unknown).

Rob Rainbow, a PFP trustee, said: “The film raises awareness of cerebral palsy in Kenya and is designed to reduce the stigma and fear that surrounds the condition that prevents families asking for the help they need.

“A huge team effort, we are delighted the success of Lisilojulikana has been recognised.”

Aggie Nyagari, the film’s Kenyan director, travelled to Calgary to pick up the festival prize in April.

She returned to Ilminster last week to present the gong to PFP’s producer, Elspeth Waldie.

Lisilojulikana has been shown on Kenyan television to an estimated audience of 300,000 people and in more than 240 communities.

The film is also screened in rural areas using PFP’s unique solar-powered, backpack cinema kit. This has brought the film to an additional 27,000 people.

Purple Field recently launched an appeal to raise around £50,000.

This money will help them take Lisilojulikana into Tanzania, and to dub it into the local language of Malawi.

Mr Rainbow added: “Cerebral Palsy is a complex, lifelong disability.

“It primarily affects movement, but people with CP may also have visual, learning, hearing, speech, epilepsy and intellectual impairments.

“It can be mild like a weakness in one hand, to severe, where people have little control and may need 24 hour assistance.”