CHARD'S Guildhall played host to incredible displays of power and overcoming adversity as Britain's Disabled Strongman championships came to town.

A packed crowd cheered on local hero Gary Clarke as he and fellow competitors from across the UK took on Hay Bale lifts, Dead Lifts, and the finished with the ever-initimidating Atlas Stones.

The judges for the competition included four time winner of World's Stongest Man Magnus Ver Magnusson and the founder of Disabled Strongman Arnar Mar Jonsson.

Darren Greenfield won the overall competition with Mark Smith the reigning champion finishing as the runner-up.

Mark Smith posted a statement on his Facebook page stating: "I gave my all in every event and Darren Greenfield wholeheartedly deserved his win.

"If I was going to hand over my title, it had to be someone that was willing to go through walls to get it and that’s exactly what Darren did, excellent all day and a gentle giant with it.

"I would like to thank Gary Clarke for putting on what has been the best Britain’s Disabled Strongman competition by far."

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