ONE record producer, hit a nail firmly on the head when he described Steps sound as “ABBA on speed”.

The man in question was Pete Waterman and this remark was quipped at by Lee Latchford-Evans, who said: “We’re more like ABBA on Nurofen — your joints ache more as you get older”.

The Nurofen seems to be working for ABBA as they have reunited for two new songs and there must be some magic in the pop world as Steps are back on the road this summer and coming to Somerset.

The group which comprises of Lee Latchford-Evans, Claire Richards, Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer and Ian “H” Watkins, celebrated their 20th anniversary in 1997 and are looking forward to a Summer of Steps.

For many Steps provided the sound track to their teenage lives. The fact speak for themselves as to how popular the group were between 1997-2001.

They had two number one singles (including a double A side), two number one albums and 14 consecutive top five singles.

The hits kept coming with singles like ‘Heartbeat/tragedy’, ‘Better best forgotten’, ‘Love’s got a hold on my heart’, ‘After the love has gone’, ‘Stomp’, ‘The way you make me feel’ and ‘It’s the way the make me feel’ to name but a few.

One of the people who gave Steps fans such memories is Lee Latchford-Evans.

Yeovil Express:

Talking about Steps style of pop music, Lee said: “We are fun and we are happy.

"We do not take ourselves too seriously and this allows us to be free and be how we are.

“When we appear on stage we bring a party with us and people can watch our shows and for two hours can forget about everything and just have a good time. It is escapism.”

Lee described himself as ‘the big brother’ of the group.

He said when he joined he just aimed to do the best job he could do and slowly this job became his life.

He said: “Steps has always been stronger than five people.

"We can go off and and do our own thing but we would never be as big as the five of us.

“We enjoy what we do and from the messages we see have helped a lot of people.

"They say we helped them through a rough time in their lives and have touched people deeper than we could ever thought.

“Sitting here now I would say the past 20 years have gone very fast.

"I can clearly remember my audition. (Derek O’Brien, Maddy Chan, and Mitch Stevens had left the group and three new members were required) “My number was 220 and we all had to learn a simple dance routine and then perform it and then sing a song and this process lasted the whole day (until there were three left Lee Latchford-Evans, Claire Richards and Faye Tozer).

Yeovil Express:

“And this is the five who are here today.”

Now this famous five of pop are set to go on their summer holidays with their shows and will come to Somerset as they will be at Huish Park, Yeovil on June 10.

Speaking about the tour, Lee said: “I am looking forward to it as it nostalgia and everyone loves nostalgia.

“What is good is our fans who first enjoyed our music when they were say 14-years-old and now in their mid thirties and are bringing their kids to the gigs so it is another generation enjoying our music.

“We will be doing the hits and some new songs. It is all going to be family entertainment and everyone can come along and have a good time.”

For Lee entertaining an audience is something he has been doing since he was seven-years-old and as he said: “Nothing beats being on stage live. The adrenaline, the nerves all the things which go with it, you cannot beat it.”

All the Step fans who will be going to the summer shows will have their favourite Steps hit.

Yeovil Express:

But what about the man who is part of the group? Which of the hits does he thinking is the best and why?

Lee said: “I think for me personally I like ‘It’s the way the make me feel’.

“The earlier songs were very poppy and fun. This was something which was more mature.”

A Summer of Steps will be at Huish Park Stadium in Yeovil on June 10.

Tickets are on sale online.

The cost of tickets £43.45 – £71.51 are on sale.

Standing tickets available from Seated tickets are available from Golden Circle allows access closer to the stage than a Silver Ticket - this is the only difference.

Silver ticket allows access closer to the stage than a Bronze Ticket - this is the only difference.

Disabled Tickets can only be bought directly from the venue on 01935 847 888.