IN a vocal clash on Newsnight, South Somerset's MP has refused to believe a food industry expert who said suggested there could be a trade blockade in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

Jim Winship, director of the British Sandwich Association, appeared on the BBC programme opposite Marcus Fysh.

Before the Conservative member spoke, Mr Winship said: "Certainly there would be serious problems in terms of some of the fresh ingredients we bring in from the EU, and also from overseas, particularly if we have problems at ports and cant get ingredients through."

Mr Fysh responded: "I think silly season has obviously started a bit early this year. Theres no suggestion whatsoever that iports from the EU will be limited by our trade arrangements.

"I dont believe there would be a blockade of imports from EU that really is truly ludicrous.

"It doesn't mean we won't let anything into this country.

"It's a completely false assumption."

Following Mr Fysh's Newsnight appearance, the local Lib Dem prospective parlimentary candidate has criticised the MP.

Mick Clark said: "Marcus is detached from the reality of what a no-deal scenario means for the UK.”

“Marcus was clearly floundering as he attempted to claim that, with no trade deals in place, the UK is in a position to dictate tariffs and border controls for international trade.

"The reality is that, if we leave with no deal then we will be subject to World Trade Organisation rules.

"It is the WTO that will fix the tariffs as well as what border checks will be in place and the British Government will simply have to toe the line.

“It is because of these sorts of ill-conceived statements and platitudes that the electorate were duped into believing that Brexit would lead us to the land of milk and honey.

“This dogmatic adherence to a process that is already predicted to harm our local and wider interests only  serves to reinforce my position, that the people deserve a say on the final terms of any Brexit deal, with the option to reject it entirely if it does not benefit British jobs, British industry and British families.”

Following the Liberal Democrat stance, Mr Fysh responded.

He said: "Mr Clark would prefer us not to get any sort of deal as the Liberal Democrats are determined to overturn the referendum result.

"Phrases like ‘the electorate were duped’ tell you where they are at.

"There is a great deal of scope within WTO rules to control your trade policy; indeed that is how most of the world operates.

"Taking back full control of areas like thisas well as our legal system is what we voted for. We would also have control over our borders, again something the Liberal Democrats are strongly against.

"The idea that we would not be able to make sandwiches when we leave the EU hardly reflects the sort of confidence in our administrative and commercial abilities we should have and is actually a bit of a disgrace."