AS far as Charlotte Hawkins, the Good Morning Britain presenter is concerned no two days are the same on the ITV show.

She loves the fact she does a job she loves as it is something she wanted to do from a young age.

Charlotte who started her career at ITV Meridian, moved to Sky News, Channel 5 and ITV as well as doing work for Sky Arts.

Speaking about being a reporter/presenter, Charlotte said: "This (journalism/presenting) has played a big part of my life. It is what I have always wanted to do since a young age.

"When I was growing up I watched Anna Ford, Trevor McDonald and John Snow. I thought they seemed so cool as they had all the answers to everything. I was impressed by them when growing up."

When she was ITV Meridian she would take scripts home and practice so when her chance arose she could grab it with both hands.

She explained one the things she did do was learn from people around her such as Fred Dinenage at Meridian or Eamonn Holmes on Sunrise at Sky. Now she is in front of the camera and telling us the news as it breaks. She described what Good Morning Britain gave people had moved a way from telling you the news to delivering it in a more conversational style.

Charlotte said: "It is a privilege to do this job and I like to think people who are watching us are waking up with us.

"There are in their pyjamas, having something to eat or grabbing a cup of tea and are getting to hear the first news of the day with us.

"What is happening is the news is evolving and what happens changes throughout the day."

Talking about Good Morning Britain, Charlotte said: "What I love about it is you never know what to expect.

"I hope people watch it and wake up with us. There is always a bit of a spark with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid and you never know what will come out of Piers mouth.

"No two days are the same."

One of the elements which Charlotte can enjoy is presenting and she is doing this thanks to the André Rieu New Year's Concert 2019.

The iconic violinist presents a brand-new concert, recorded at Sydney’s Town Hall in Australia, to hundreds of thousands of fans in cinemas across the UK-one of the venues is The Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton- on Saturday, January 5 and Sunday, January 6, 2019.

The the concert is hosted by Charlotte, who takes cinema audiences behind the scenes of the concert presentation, soaking up the atmosphere with the fans, as well as André taking fans on a very special tour around the beautiful city of Sydney.

Speaking about working with André, Charlotte said: "I worked with him when he did the Maastricht Concert but this is the first time he has done a New Year's Concert and it was special to interview him.

"He is a fascinating person and an amazing person.

"What makes this good is with a documentary you can go a little deeper and get to the heart of the story.

"What I learnt from him this time was his attention to detail. He is a perfectionist and wants to make each show different. He always likes to keep something up his sleeve and have a surprise."

One of the surprises I discovered about Charlotte is classical music was the background sound to her childhood.

Her father who was a clergyman at Chichester Cathedral used to 'blare out' classical music.

It must have embedded itself in her and now as she presents a Sunday afternoon show on Classic FM.

Her favourite classical piece of music is Pachelbel’s Canon in D which Charlotte had played at her wedding in 2008.

Speaking about classical music, Charlotte said: "The nice thing about classical music is to listen to it at the end of a stressful day. It helps you step into another world.

"It fills the house with peace and tranquility and all is right with the world. You can escape from the hustle and bustle and just relax. It is vitally important to pass on this love of classical music to the next generation and André Rieu is doing." Ticket prices at the Brewhouse for the film are: Full Price from £19 and Concessions from £16.

Buy online at or call 01823 283244.

You can check which cinemas are screening it via this link:

Commenting ahead of the concert, André said, “I am absolutely delighted to be bringing my first ever New Year’s concert to cinemas. To be able to perform at the historic Sydney Town Hall is a real thrill, and I can’t wait to share the concert with audiences around the world. We have lots of surprises planned so look forward to sharing on the night!

"New Years is always such a special time for me and my family, so I hope we can all come together to chime in the celebrations for 2019!”.