A DISABLED worker who was promised he would never be turned away from his local bus again has been let down.

Donald Hadfield made the front of the News in December after the First Bus service facing problems with the FirstBus service from Ilminster to Taunton.

Previously, when there was a pushchair in the disable space, Donald had been left in a torrential downpour while he waited for the next bus to arrive, an hour and a half later.

A spokesman for FirstBus quickly offered ‘sincere apologies’ and said the driver had not followed procedure.

But just a week later and Donald faced the same problem again.

Ilminster resident Donald had just finished a working day at Taunton’s Asda.

He said: “It was the last bus home, the 6.15pm from Hamilton Road in Taunton.

“The driver said ‘I don’t think I can let you on’ and was prepared to leave me at the bus stop.”

The night, temperatures plummeted to -2C and Mr Hadfield would have had no other way of getting home.

Fortunately he was carrying a cutting from the News with First Bus’ promises.

He added: “This driver didn’t know anything about my previous complaints.

“He said he could ask the lady to move her pushchair, but if she didn’t then he couldn’t let me on.

“I was left with so much rage.

“There is a sticker that says this space is reserved for a wheelchair.”

Mr Hadfield added that it feels like Russian Roulette every time he leaves the house.

FirstBus has been contacted for another comment, and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

The firm had not responded when the News went to print.

Mr Hadfield has also not heard back from FirstBus.

UPDATE: New statement from FirstBus

Aled Williams, operations manager of Buses of Somerset said: “On this occasion Mr Hadfield was carried after the driver cleared the wheelchair space.  We have contacted mr Hadfield to discuss the matter with him and apologised in person.  We have taken steps to ensure all our staff are familiar with the policy and apply the correct procedures”.