A NEW private members club aimed at providing "fun, passion and pure indulgence" has opened in the Somerset countryside.

Exclusively Silks, based at newly-restored Croydon Hall, in Rodhuish, near Minehead, will be hosting a £80-a-ticket monthly events, including a 'Burns Night' party at the end of January, as well as being available for private visits.

The website boasts the experience is 'unique' while taking place in an 'exceptional' setting.

Owners state they wish to keep the standard of the club to the 'highest' setting while 'enriching' your experience.

Visitors to the exclusivelysilks.co.uk website can find the opportunity to join the 'Silk Swingers' club.

The club's rules explained on the website say 'anyone can be a swinger' - as long as you're over the age of 18, or 21 in this case.

A spokesman said: "Anyone and everyone can be a swinger. Swingers are not defined by social class or religion, nor by age, as long as they are over the legal age of consent.

"Swingers come from every walk of life.

"Most swingers do not discriminate against others on grounds of age, colour, religion or class. However everyone has the right to choose who they do or do not play with, because if there is no attraction there will be no enjoyment."

It's all about body-positivity at the club, as they say you don't have to be a 'picture-perfect model'.

The spokesman added: "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder there is always someone for everyone. In a swinging club everyone has one thing in common: they respect each other and know that beauty is not just an external thing. Looking attractive is as much about your stature and persona, be clean, smell sexy and you will look sexy and this will make you will feel sexy.

Yeovil Express:

"If you paid attention to your appearance you will certainly not be out of place in Silks.

"Our guests come to each other; so make sure you come out of your comfort zone as much as possible. Everyone is trying to do their best to look as good as possible and cared for. That is something we expect from our guests."

Couples and single ladies can book to attend on any nights, but unfortunately, the rules are a bit tighter for single men, with only one night available for them.