THREE new townsfolk have taken up roles on Chard’s council after a series of votes last week.

Among them are Chard’s first ever Green town councillor, one of the town’s youngest representatives, and a former Chard business owner.

Victoria Bates likened the tense selection process at the last town council meeting to an episode of the X Factor.

“I am really, really happy to be given the opportunity,” she said.

“There was quite a few of us going for the three positions and it was exciting when they voted.

“I used to have a business in the town, and have worked in or near to the town as long as I have lived here.

“This was the next step to involvement in the community really.”

Victoria moved to the town in 2010 and set up Holyrood Florists.

Unfortunately the economy was not on the rise as they thought, and despite a rebrand, the firm closed as a result of the double dip recession.

She added: “In my time on the council, rather than some thing, it is my aim to just represent the people.

“I want to bridge that gap between councillors and people that live in the town, because the councillors, we live in the town too. We are seen as a separate entity.

“It is important that we spread that passion on to younger people.”

Tim Eggins is Chard’s first Green Party town councillor.

He said: “I was extremely proud. Having been involved with Sustainable Chard, Earth Hour Chard and Eco School with Redstart it has become apparent that there has been an awakening for many people within the community.

“I am pleased to be part of a council that will be considering the environment and the towns impact on the planet with all of its decisions.

“I strongly believe that an Eco ethos for Chard will bring not only better health for the residents, but will strengthen every aspect of town life and develop Chard into becoming a destination.

The final councillor elected is Zak Williams.

He said: “I’m very excited and proud to do my bit to give back to the community and to serve the people of Chard.

“The main thing I stand for as a young councillor is helping young people.

“I am very passionate about helping and engaging with as mainly young people as possible and I hope I can bring a new perspective to our council.”