ILMINSTER Entertainments Society celebrated last week after their win at The County Drama Festival.

The group won the County Shield for A Resounding Tinkle and they will now progress to the regional final on April 13.

Nancy Heath GoDA Associate, the adjudicator, complimented Bro (played by Mick Glynn) as having a wonderfully expressive face and Uncle Ted (played by Veronica Horman) was the least male Uncle Ted she had come across.

Middie, played by Ann Cook was praised for her portrayal of a realistic 50s housewife. Nancy thought Bro and Middie really gave the appearance of a married couple.

The play written by NF Simpson in 1957 was in the style of the theatre of the absurd and the playwright said the part of Uncle Ted had to be played by a female.

Nancy also said that one of the attractions was the contrast between the rather drab typical couple of the 1950s with the glamour of Uncle Ted.

Yeovil Express:

There was a great deal of excitement when A Resounding Tinkle was announced as overall winner.

The County Drama Festival is a stage in the All England Theatre Festival.

Teams that took part over the weekend came from Taunton who entered Red Peppers by Noel Coward; Wells who entered Counting Your Chickens by Mark Wall as well as other entries from towns such as Frome; Clevedon and even out of County - Teignmouth.

All the entries were judged according to the performances given on the night plus set design and direction.