MEET Victor, a self-employed surveillance officer who catches DVD Piracy and drinks Yakult like it is vodka. Or meet The Guy Who… a woke pick up artist who uses his gender to pick up women.

Or just meet Adam Riches, a character focused Comedian who can be all these people and more…up to 11 different characters on his tour in fact.

Adam’s first ever UK tour will run from April 25 until July 3 and he will be performing in Bridgwater on May 18.

“I have never done a tour before” Adam said. “When I won all the awards, my life didn’t lend itself to touring, so this is my first time.

“I think it will feel more like when I started out because there will be new audience members who haven’t seen my shows before. But I love the challenge of performing and winning over their hearts.”

The tour itself will feature two acts and around 11 characters.

“For the tour, I have been going back over old material, adapting it to add new elements. The older shows got me where I am today, so it makes sense to look back at them. The show will be malleable and the audience (and me) will have a different experience every night.

“The title of the Tour (The Adam Riches Experience) is because everyone, including me, will experience something new.

“It is a heart on its sleeve type of show, I will be performing the hell out of it.”

Yeovil Express:

So how did Adam get this far?

“It was a happy accident” he said. “I had always wanted to act and write plays, so I wrote my first play at University. I thought it was a dramatic piece, but the audience laughed throughout the performance! So, I decided to use it and start writing Comedic plays instead.”

After performing at the Edinburgh Fridge, Adam explained that Comedy “just blew up” and he realised that he loved including Comedy elements when writing, so why not give it a go?

He explained: “Comedy can be the best and the worst thing. You can make the audience laugh and enjoy their night or wish they were going back home. It can be a brutal environment.”

Adam is inspired by American Comedy. He loves the show Cheers which led him to watch Saturday Night Live.

“I then watched comedians such as Bill Murry, Mike Myers, Will Ferrel, Steve Martin and so on” he adds. “I love the wackiness of their comedy and the fact that there is a logic to it. I try to create characters who make sense.

“I also read a lot about these Comedians when I am struggling – I realised that if these guys have had problems, then I can cope too.”

When Adam performs, he acts as characters he has created. He said that he tends to go for alpha male type characters who are drunk on their own performance.

This is because throughout his life, Adam was around many authority figures (that he did not always get along with). This influence creates characters such as Victor and Coach Coach.

He said: “I am always open to influence and am always looking for something contemporary and readily identifiable.”

Audience participation is also a huge part of Adam’s performance. He invites members of the audience onto the stage and asks them to be part of a scene, in which Adam is always the idiot.

Adam admitted that when he first started performing, the front rows used to fill up last. But now, they fill up first – clearly people want to become part of the performance.

“Comedy thrives on tension. But I create a different kind of tension, it is enjoyable” he explained. “People realise that I am there to create a scene with me being the idiot, but I am showing them they can do something that they thought they couldn’t. And sometimes they say a brilliant comedic line that I could never have come up with myself.

“This can make each show unpredictable for me and the audience, but this clash of confusion creates good moments – when the flint rubs together it creates sparks and makes something unique.”

There are many venues that Adam is looking forward to during the tour. He used to live in Cambridge and then Glasgow so is looking forward to touring there.

But there are also many different places that Adam has never been to before. He admits that he has never been down as far as Falmouth so is looking forward to exploring the South of the UK. He is also looking forward to staying over night and exploring places such as Inverness, York and Canterbury.

“There will be differences in the people in various parts of the UK and your work changes when you have a different ear” Adam added.

“I cannot wait to start my first ever UK Tour with all my favourite characters along with a whole bunch of new ones. It is going to be great fun and as usual, a different show every night brought to life by the willing (and otherwise!) participation of the crowd. Restraining orders at the ready!”

What are his plans for the future?

“I will hopefully be touring again, but these things take a lot of time to plan - you never know I might even get a call to be the next James Bond” he laughed.

If you would like to see Adam in action, he will be performing at The McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater on May 18.

To book tickets call 01278 556677.