A CHARD family is set for a trek to Ilminster and back to honour their nan’s memory as a ‘fighter’.

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Maureen Mitchell will be doing a fundraising walk on April 18.

The group will set off at 2pm and money raised will go to the British Heart Foundation.

Maureen’s granddaughter, Faye Mitchell-Snudden, said: “We are not only doing this walk to remember the life of a wife, a mother, a nan and a great grandmother.

“We are doing this to honour her memory as a fighter.

“We chose British Heart Foundation because she had struggled with her heart problems for many years, fighting through different treatments and medications.

She will be joined by Claire and Paige, also Maureen’s granddaughters, as well as great-granddaughters Molly and Jazmaine Jennings.

They will also be alongside Faye’s partner Jamie Shirley, Maureen’s daughter Ellen, and Ellen’s daughter.

Faye added: “This charity could help generations to come and could help save someone else’s life, it could even be a child’s life that we save.

“We want to give hope to the people who need it, just like Maureen Mitchell used to do throughout her life even with her struggles along the way.

“This walk is not only to do with all of that, it is to do with courage.

“Courage of the many people fighting with a heart problem, getting through each day pushing forward. Also, the family that they have around them, making them enjoy life even if they are struggling.”

Faye has set up a JustGiving page too, and is hoping to reach £150 before their walk.

To donate, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/faye-mitchell-snudden.

Faye said: “The walk is a metaphor for our beloved Maureen’s life. It is very significant for us to do this, not only to not let her death be in vain, but to maybe help and support another person’s life.”