LAUGHTER and tears of delight were on the menu for one Ilminster cafe over Christmas.

The extraordinary reaction came as a result of Fran and Mark Truss’ latest effort to give back to the community which adopted them four years ago.

The couple, who own The Kitchen on Silver Street, held a complimentary Christmas feast in an attempt to bring together some of the town’s elderly, vulnerable and isolated residents.

It was just the latest thing the couple has done to put themselves at the heart of Ilminster since moving to the Somerset area in 2015.

“When we started the business we decided to change everything in here completely,” said Fran.

“Our foods are locally sourced wherever possible. Everything we do is homemade, where it can be.

“We want to provide good quality food at reasonable prices.”

Fran always opts to shop at Ilminster’s greengrocers, the town’s butchers, and even banks in Ilminster.

She said: “We try to support local businesses as much as possible.

“By supporting local businesses the town thrives, it is also good for tourism with people coming in to see what we have, and it is such a pretty town.

“Ilminster is lovely.

“We have so many independent shops and that is because of the people supporting their local businesses, and they do need the support.”

As well as the discount breakfasts featured in this week’s #TalkUpIlminster, the cafe also specialises in afternoon teas and enjoyed a successful Mother’s Day.

“We moved to somerset from London four years ago

“We are really settled and feel like a part of the community. That is why we try and do things for the community and help out where we can.

“Even if the cafe had not worked out, we always wanted to be here and helping in the community.”

For the free Christmas feast, Fran and her staff presented invitations to members of the public who were nominated to attend, and had some emotional responses.

She added: “We just decided we wanted to give back something to the community and do a free Christmas lunch.”