THE M5 has been listed in the top roads to avoid this Easter.

The guidance, issued from, has warned drivers could face hours of traffic as people head off on Bank Holiday breaks and trips.

Warmer weather has been predicted, making it the ideal time to enjoy some time off.

A spokesperson from said: “As the weather improves many Brits choose to spend time off away from home, particularly over longer bank holiday weekends like Easter.

“However, this leads to drivers facing severe congestion and losing valuable relaxation time.

“There are more cars on the roads than ever before so drivers should be conscious of this when planning routes.

“Our specialists have compiled a list of the roads where lengthy delays are expected, so holidaymakers can avoid sitting in traffic and have a stress-free start to their weekends.”

Here's the routes LeaseCar says should be avoided:

M3 south west of London : Londoners will be flocking out of offices to travel down south to the sunny coast. This motorway runs from Surrey to Southampton so is a popular route for those from the capital.

M4 west of London : Drivers travelling to Wales from the east may find lengthy delays, particularly between Cardiff and Swansea with many wanting to escape the hub of the Welsh capital for the multitude of beaches on the Swansea coast.

A23 to Brighton : Covering many London suburbs, this route is favoured by the majority of those travelling down to the seaside resort town of Brighton. Instead, look at travelling via a scenic route which can transform an arduous journey into a stress-free experience.

M5 around Bristol : Linking the Midlands to the south west. The motorway will be jam packed with holiday makers from the Midlands desperate for the shore, and is usually exceptionally busy in warmer weather.

A38 to Cornwall : Referred to as the Devon expressway, the road runs from Nottingham to Cornwall and is the longest 2 – digit A road in England. Already widely known as one of the most popular cities in the UK for domestic tourists, thanks to the hit BBC show Poldark Cornwall has seen a further increase in tourism.

A303 to Stonehenge : The road from the home counties to the west country, starting in Berkshire and ending in Devon. With a beautiful view it is very popular for those preferring a scenic route. The road runs right past Stonehenge which is steeped in history and a busy tourist spot, resulting in delays of hours at peak times.