ILMINSTER Entertainment Society (IES) have reached the All England Quarter Final Theatre Festival. 

On April 13, the IES production of A Resounding Tinkle won the quarter final in Bath and are through to the semi-final. 

The Ilminster team will now go through to the All England Theatre Festival semi-final on May 11. 

The adjudicator was Mike Kaiser from the Guild of Drama Adjudicators. He said the standard was very high and his praise of the St Alban’s Players, the Bristol Festival Winners, and their production of Holding On had the IES team worried. 

However, after giving the St Alban’s Players second place, Mike said the Ilminster Entertainment Society were aptly named because they were absolutely entertaining.
Mike said that Bro and Middie were a believably drab couple of the 1950s whose homely chatter, and occasional bickering, about absurd matters. This was accompanied by superbly timed comedy.

Other productions included the Athelston Players Philip and Rowena by Gillian Plowman and Sodbury Players Untucked by Teresa Hennessy.