A CHARD couple are appealing to the public after their beloved cat was killed in a crash outside their home.

Melissa Mather’s feline friend Nala was hit by a car on April 20 outside their flat in Coronation Street, Chard.

Sadly, Nala died in the crash, leaving Melissa and her partner Avie to wonder what happened.

Melissa said: “She was the most beautiful little thing in the world, she brought me and the family so much happiness and love.

“She may have only been with us eight months, but Nala and my other cat Simba had the most amazing relationship and seeing how much they loved spending all the time together was beautiful.

“They never left each others side, inside or outside which is why this is so hard for us because she’s never normally alone.”

Melissa was out when the crash happened.

She only found out after a dog walker found Nala and took her body to Avie.

“No one in the flat saw what happened to Nala or how it happened which is why we are finding it so hard to let this go,” said Melissa.

“A lady called Mandy, who knows my partner, had obviously found Nala in the road.

“Avie looked out the window to see a little black floppy figure dangling in Mandy’s arms along with a few men who had stopped in cars.

“Mandy said she was found in the road and that was it, we just don’t understand why there were so many cars parked up and so many people stood by the wall.

“So we aren’t sure if one of the people who were there had done it, but it was such a shock we can’t remember everything.”

Melissa said the couple’s other cat, Simba, was also out at the time, and hasn’t been the same since.

She added: “Nala was the funniest little thing, she had the strangest meow, more of a cracking noise than a meow, she was so different but really was one in a million.

“She was a tortoise shell colour, with a half black and white face - a really small little thing but never failed to stand out.”

Avie and Melissa buried Nala the next day.

“It’s just so hard to know whoever done this to our little baby, didn’t have the decency to bring her to our door so she can rest at peace with her family,” said Melissa.

“Our cats mean a huge deal to us and to know we don’t know how long she was out there for alone, and whether she suffered is really hard.

“We don’t want to know how it happened and who done it to cause a problem, we just need our minds settled.

“We have spoken to the vets and they have said a cats body can stay warm for up to an hour, when my partner held Nala she was still warm but still means she could have been left there for a good hour.

“It’s heartbreaking to know someone could carry on driving knowing they could have either killed or seriously hurt a little life.”

If you think you can help, call Melissa on 07707885342.