VOLUNTEERS have joined forces with charity Surfers Against Sewage in a bid to turn Chard into a plastic free town.

This team launched their climate fight endeavours on April 19 with a massive litter pick across the town.

They also had a helping hand from volunteering scouts, cubs and beavers.

In just two hours, 13 large Surfers Against Sewage sacks of rubbish, an oil drum and several pieces of metal were collected.

The rubbish was then sorted: 16kg of drinks cans, 35kg of glass bottles, 18kg of plastic and plastic bottles, cardboard and boxes of crisp packets and bottle tops have now all been recycled.

Serena Wootton, one of the event’s organisers, said: “As part of Chard declaring a climate emergency earlier this year, the town council agreed to support Chard becoming plastic free.

“A small group of volunteers have been working with the charity Surfers Against Sewage to make this happen.

“Surfers Against Sewage already works with over 460 communities, including our neighbouring towns of Axminster and Yeovil.

“The Guildhall itself is plastic free and the group are working with local businesses to help them to reduce their single use plastic.”