A CHARD businesswomen has been left ‘heartbroken’ after thieves broke into her shop and took a laptop containing priceless family photos.

Diane Dening arrived at her store, Just Purdy in Holyrood Street, at 9.30am on June 4 to discover the crime.

She said: “When I got in I found the door was open and I thought it was lucky that no one got in, and then it wasn’t until I really looked around that I saw what was gone.

“The laptop cost me about £500, but the real value of it is all the family photos on it, photos of my granddaughter when she was born, and everything I need for running my business.

“The laptop has a scratch across the top and a USB is broken.

“I was heartbroken because of what I have got on there.”

Police are appealing for information after the burglary at the pottery shop.

A force spokesman said: “No damage was caused, but a purse and laptop were stolen.”

Anyone with information which could help can get in touch with police through avonandsomerset.police.uk/contact, or by calling 101, quoting reference 5219123850.

Diane added that it was a white HP laptop, and the crooks also took a charging plug despite it being heavily chewed by her dog, and a wifi dongle.

She added: “I really need the laptop. It has so much stuff on there important to me and my business, including all my photos of the boys and granddaughter.”