A CHARD family raising money for new bereavement support in the town is hoping for one final funding push after hitting a £2,500 milestone.

Emileen and Nathan Clapp held a special #GoBaldForBabyloss event in June, and while the money on the day topped £1,000, donations have since more than doubled their total.

On the day, ssix people had full head shaves, and five more lost more than eight inches of hair.

Six men also underwent waxes in support of the great cause, with a few more head shaves held at later dates.

The last person to take on the charity head shave challenge was Maryanne Adams, who is well known in the town for leading the Poppy Appeal each year.

Emileen said: "She's an inspiration and deserves the acknowledgement."

Emileen and Nathan set up the Nayely Adelpha Foundation in memory of their daughter, who was born sleeping on the December 19, 2018.

Emileen added: "We're now focusing on raising money for our charity, providing bereavement support for everyone following the loss of a child, but focusing on sibling bereavement courses as this is something that is massively lacking in Somerset.

"We found that when my eldest daughter Londyn was struggling there was nowhere for us to turn to get her help.

"We hope to bridge this gap in support.

"Once we have the funds and the premises secured we will be providing and funding them, my husband and I are doing courses to allow us to do this and we hope to have it ready to launch in December to mark Nayely's first birthday."

Joining the fundraising effort was particularly personal to Maryanne, who said she has lost two babies in the past.

She said: "I was in the cleaners when my son said that Emileen was having a baby.

"The next day I saw them and I ran in congratulating them and she said that the baby was dead.

"I just felt so sorry for them. I didn't know what to say."

Although she wasn't able to take part in the #GoBaldForBabyloss event at the Phoenix Hotel, Maryanne finally had her charity chop last week.

Maryanne added: "When I saw that she had had the baby, it was just perfect and so tiny.

"They were on about having this headshave on the day the baby was due and I said I would be involved.

"My friends were a bit shocked, but for me I just did it and that was it.

"So far I have raised £50 for her. I didn't expect people to be so generous.

"We lost two babies. Unless you are a mother you can't fully understand it.

"You still go through all the emotion, and I just felt so sorry for her.

"I know of other people who have gone through it too. A lot of people have lost a baby before the due date."

You can still donate to the Nayely Adelpha Foundation by visiting paypal.me/NAYELYADELPHA.

If you select 'pay as a gift' then the charity will not have any charges.