AN elderly daredevil who strapped herself to the top of an aeroplane after being inspired by a GoCompare advert has handed £900 to a local animal charity.

Marion Mizen, 78, of Holway Park in Ilminster, saw television’s famously annoying opera singer flying over London’s famous landmarks and decided she wanted to do that herself.

Although the GoCompare advert employs a spot of TV magic to make its opera singer take to the skies, Marion was ready to take on the wingwalk for real.

After initially hoping to top £300 in her fundraising effort, Marion and her husband Paul managed to collect £900 in charity cash.

The pair have been married for 17 years, and after Marion said she wanted to do the wing walk, it was Paul who booked her in and paid for the day.

Every penny collected has now gone to RSPCA West Hatch, where Marion was a volunteer for three years.

She reached heights of 400 feet, but she wasn’t scared at all.

“It wasn’t a case of nerves,” said Marion.

“You didn’t get a chance to be nervous because it was so cold up there.

“Every penny raised is going to West Hatch. Thank you to the contributors, all the guys at Bradfords, the people on Holway Park, our friends and family, and all those we failed to mention.”

Marion’s wingwalk faced delays after the Wing Walk Company had to get replacement plane parts shipped over from America.

The firm normally just takes people up to the age of 75, and she had to get special permission from her doctor before being allowed to take part.

Marion completed the hair-raising challenge on September 19, and handed over the £900 in cash last week.

Anita Clark is the deputy manager at RSPCA West Hatch.

She said: “We have budgets to buy the essentials, but there are so many other things we need to get to enhance the lives of animals during their time in our care.

“Having donations like this means we can get those valuable extras.

“It is fantastic. We are so in awe of what Marion has done. We never take for granted what people have done for us.

“It is selfless and it is amazing. We will spend it very, very wisely.”