A NEW health centre has opened its doors in Chard town offering a wide range of treatments.

The Ash Hill Natural Health Centre, launched in Fore Street. has been created by Rachel Moon and Kerry Wratten.

The pair are experienced acupuncturists who graduated from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading.

They now have practices split between Chard, Axminster, Ilminster, Beaminster and Yeovil.

Kerry said: “We are really happy to be able to offer a weekly low cost multi-bed acupuncture clinic for patients who need frequent treatment or are on low income.

“Multi-bed clinics are a new part of acupuncture provision in the West, appearing over the last 10 to 20 years.

“However, in the Far East it is normal to treat many people together and therefore can be seen as a more ‘authentic’ way to practice and receive acupuncture.”

As well as acupuncture, the branch’s therapists are trained in counselling, hypnotherapy, nutritional therapy, yoga, meditation, reflexology and more.

Kerry added: “We have a team of very experienced and dedicated professional practitioners offering a wide-range of complementary therapies and alternative medicine.

“Our team will cross-refer patients where appropriate, to give the highest level of support to patients.”

The centre also offers aromatherapy massage, antenatal services, foot health, and massage, MFR and scar tissue release.

Kerry said: “Our team of therapists continues to grow, so for up to date detail please pop in and ask or keep an eye for changes on our website or Facebook page.”

For more, visit facebook.com/ashhillnaturalhealthcentre.