Trident Feeds is proud to be bringing its revolutionary dairy cow feed product NovaPro to farmers across Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

After listening to customer feedback, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of animal feeds is ensuring that farmers across the South West will have complete access to a product with unrivalled benefits to both farmer and animal.

What is NovaPro?

NovaPro is a unique product on the market that can deliver increased milk yields at a lower cost as well as answering the growing industry call for products with a reduced environmental impact.

NovaPro is produced from rape expeller, which removes the need for the use of chemicals such as hexane solvent which are still used in other rapeseed-based rumen bypass products and can result in a lower-energy feed. This innovative method of production could eventually lead to widespread reduction of soya in dairy diets.

Yeovil Express:

What can it do for me?

A recent study revealed that cows fed a NovaPro style diet each produced 1.7 litres more milk per day, compared to those fed a soya-based control diet. The same study also found better amino acid balance and protein utilisation, with no significant effect on constituents as well as a noticeable reduction in milk urea.

The feed is also cheaper than soya-based feeds and could save farmers approximately £50 per tonne*.

In addition to the value and results NovaPro can offer it also answers a significant issue facing the industry – the need to feed a growing population whilst reducing the impact on the environment.


The team behind NovaPro have successfully created a sustainable alternative to soya-based livestock feed whose production uses only 100 per cent UK-grown oilseed rape reducing the need for imports and further supporting British Farmers. The rapeseed is also sourced locally, reducing the total food miles used in its creation. In addition to its impact on carbon emissions, Trident and its partners in the production of NovaPro ensure that for every tree used in the pulping process, three new ones are planted.

How can I find out more?

NovaPro is available across the South West now with a minimum order of 4t.

To find out more or make an order please contact Trident Feeds.

Telephone: 01733 422214


*Dependant on variable factors including the location of the farm and global soya and oil seed rape prices.