AN INNOVATIVE teacher has launched a Youtube channel to keep his pupils engaged in their education despite being shut out of the school.

Daniel Glentworth, who teaches at Manor Court School in Chard, has turned to technology to ensure his students can continue their learning during the unprecedented lockdown.

The idea started as Mr Glentworth’s Year 5 class were part way through a novel when Boris Johnson announced that school’s would shut to the majority of pupils.

So he launched the page online, called Mr Gee Teach, and started adding videos.

“Starting up the channel was a personal decision and a way for the children in my class to keep busy and in touch with me during this unprecedented time,” said Mr Glentworth.

“It is not an expectation of the school, that staff set up a channel as staff are already under a variety of pressures.

“The staff at our school have done an incredible job preparing for the closure and have been brilliantly led by Mr Talmage and Mr Clode. The commitment of all staff to our pupils is staggering and I am a proud member of that team.”

Mr Glentworth actually grew up in Chard, went to school at Manor Court and worked their as a teaching assistant before he went to University.

He has now worked as a teacher at the school for eight years, and said it is ‘dear to his heart’.

“I am also planning to post Maths help videos so children can seek help without it becoming too stressful for them or their parents,” Mr Glentworth added.

“As a parent, I know how daunting this time is and also how challenging it will be, so another thought was that I could send challenges to pupils in my class for those ‘I’m bored moments.’ “For some pupils, this time away from school and routine will be challenging and having a familiar face each day, might be beneficial for them.

“If this channel can help the children in my class at this challenging time, then that’s what’s most important at the moment.”

And Mr Glentworth’s videos have received a great response from parents.

Laura Hooper’s daughter Lexie is in Mr Glentworth’s Year 5 class, and currently having to learn from home.

Laura said: “He really is one of the best teachers who puts his students first.

“Lexie couldn’t wait to log on and watch him I think its a brilliant idea and will help the children so much.”

Laura added that the school has sent out packs for the children with plenty of work to keep them going “They are always on hand if we need any help with anything. The school needs to be recognised for the good it is doing for the local children.

“All the teachers there doing an amazing job.”