ALL of the playgrounds have been shut across Ilminster 'with immediate effect' in a bid to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Parents and children are being warned to stay off play equipment, while open spaces remain open.

This means Ilminster residents can still enjoy them for their one hour of exercise each day.

Yeovil Express:

In a bid to keep people off the equipment, yellow tape has been put across swings, roundabouts and slides.

Warning notices have also been placed around playgrounds, and tennis courts have been padlocked shut.

A spokesman for Ilminster Town Council said: "With immediate effect, all of the playgrounds in Ilminster are closed to the public.

Yeovil Express:

"The playground equipment should not be used under any circumstances to avoid any cross-contamination. The larger grass areas are still open for people to exercise. Take care everyone

"All play equipment is taped off and has a notice to stop people using them. This is to prevent cross-contamination which could potentially save lives.

"Please do not remove the tape or use the play equipment in any of our playgrounds in Ilminster. We've had reports of the tape being ripped off and both adults and children using them.

"As a community, we need to take care of each other. From today, the tennis courts will also be padlocked. Stay safe."

Yeovil Express: