WITH the restrictions brought in because of the coronavirus pandemic, I just wanted to say how pleased I am that so many people are using bicycles - and I truly hope it will continue.

The cleaner air from the lack of vehicles and obvious quietness has made this mode of travel work far better, in harmony with nature.

As a youngster, I cycled a lot and where possible, rode a bicycle daily to work in later years.

Now, as the time has passed and society is now going through a very serious event, cycling has really come to the forefront.

It would be great to think that electric cars, vans and lorries could be so easily affordable and placed on our roads to add to the benefits of our air and a far quiet environment for all of us.

Indeed, nature could more easily hear itself, as it should. However, that's a bike dream.

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Instead, now, with the abundance of cyclists about on lanes and roads, ironically, pockets of pollution and noise build up more frequently because vehicles cannot pass riders.

One can go for a drive and know that a tail of traffic is not necessarily because of an accident or a tractor going about its business, but a lone cyclist or even a cyclipod of bikes (my name for three) leisurely on a ride.

So I think the only answer to this increasing event is to build more and more cycle lanes on all country lanes and major roads. After all, there are already a substantial amount of cycle lanes in cities and towns.

The best bit is cyclists, as far as I know, don't pay for any of it, so it's not going to hit their pockets, so that isn't bad, is it?

Yep, I know people are going to say 'on your bike', but at what price fairly to all?